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Server relocation and installation services

Server relocation specialists

Whether it be a single server or several racks of equipment, RelocateIT have the skills necessary to ensure that your server equipment is moved carefully and efficiently. We treat your server with extreme care when de-racking, moving and re-racking it. To ensure you’re up and running a quickly as possible, we can:

  • Audit existing server and network connections
  • Disconnect, pack and move your equipment professionally
  • Securely transport your servers using our custom server cases
  • Transport your server with a minimum of downtime
  • Work within sensitive server room environments
  • Neatly reconnect and Implement a comprehensive cable management system

We also offer a rack design and reconfiguration service so that you can take advantage you can optimise the layout and configuration of your server equipment when you re-install your equipment. When our delivery is completed, all equipment is reassembled to its agreed specification, powered up and tested before handing over to your representative for sign off.

Server installation services

In addition to our relocation service, we offer a best of breed server installation service to ensure that your equipment is installed in a consistent, uniform manner.

RelocateIT can also provide services to help you deploy, maintain and keep your server fleet consistent. We can assist you with:

  • Server BIOS/ Firmware upgrades
  • SOE Image deployment
  • Server software build services
  • Software installation and configuration.
  • Rack and switch installation

Cable Management

Good quality cable management is paramount in dynamic working environments. RelocateIT offer cable management systems and services , i.e. patching, fly-lead installation, loom installation, floor boxes and general cable management. Relocation offers the ideal opportunity to rectify any cabling issues you may have, i.e. low quality, redundant, untidy or out-of-date cabling. We can revise your existing cabling to ensure that it is well-organised, accessible and performing well.

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