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Desktop PC relocation and deployment

Making the right connections

Help with your Internal and External office relocations

RelocateIT can assist you nationwide at any stage of your PC relocation, deployment or churn project. We have the technical skills and experience to deliver your project on time, on budget and as risk free as possible.

We aren’t just removal people who know 'a bit about IT'. We bring a wealth of professional IT experience that offers you specialist engineers and methodical working methods. This means your equipment is not only in safe hands, but also in qualified ones! We understand that your PC's are vital business tools and understand they often carry a wealth of critical data you can ill-afford to lose. RelocateIT can supply teams of IT relocation professionals to audit, disconnect, securely pack, transport, reconnect and test your computer and telephony equipment for connectivity.

To ensure you’re up and running a quickly as possible, we can:

  • liase with your IT, business and facilities teams
  • Pack and move your PC and telephone equipment professionally to eliminate dents, scratches and bumps
  • Neatly cable and secure power and data cabling to meet OHS standards
  • Disconnect and re-connect PC’s in line with exact plans
  • Provide advice or project management to aid you in your relocation planning
  • Perform adds, moves and changes to your data patching
  • Deploy and roll out new PC fleets
  • Deploy and update Operating systems
  • Roll-our new hardware / upgrades
  • Provide a unified, uniformed team

Our service includes PCs, workstations, telephones and peripherals such as printers and scanners. In our pre-move audit we are able to consider the individual configuration of each desktop. We can also keep a record of any hardware requirements for every PC to replicate its configuration accurately upon recommission. Regardless of how many computer desktop environments are included in your relocation, we can reproduce every one individually. This includes details such as left or right hand position of the mouse or screen positioning for trading desks. We will recommission each desktop as agreed and in conformance with a pre-agreed relocation map layout for your new environment and within agreed timescales. A major change is an ideal opportunity to upgrade systems, be it to upgrade your older equipment to the most recent specification or to ensure your internal aesthetics conform to your organisation style and surroundings. We can help you upgrade your current computer systems or deploy new ones.

Our PC move crates - keeping it all together safely

Your PC equipment is typically moved in our 'PC move crates'. These crates are specially designed for the safe transit of individual Desktop PC Systems - Processor, Flat screen (up to 24 inch), Keyboard and Mouse - one complete workstation system per crate - which helps to eliminate the chance of articles being misplaced. Antistatic Bubble Bags/Monitor Covers and foam is used for additional cushioning and extra protection for your PC equipment - to ensure that it is in the same condition at the destination.

These crates are extremely durable in design and construction and very strong. Our crates are individually numbered and can be secured with security seals that indicate tampering. As well as providing security benefits, there are also substantial time savings that are made by only visiting a workstation once for collection and once for delivery, which helps to make your IT relocation efficient and cost effective.

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