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Past Projects

Some of our customer success stories

RelocateIT is an Australian company providing professional IT relocation and installation services Australia wide.

We're pleased to have been able to be involved with providing assistance to the following local and International companies and organisations - when choosing RelocateIT, you'll be in good company!


Project Description

nab As a 'preferred supplier' for the nab for over 6 years we have provided various IT installation, IT relocation and software deployment services. We now install, deploy and decommission over 1,000 servers per year. We also provide the nab with asset disposal and provisioning services. 
Fair Work Australia

Nationwide roll-out of over 600 PCs, re-packaging and re-imaging of old equipment for return. Neat restraint of power and data cabling under/above desks.



Ongoing internal office churns. Involving the internal relocation of desktop PC's and monitors between floors, testing of network connectivity. Averaging around 100x units per evening.


Seek office relocation involving the de-racking, relocation and re-installation of over 9x racks of server equipment (80x physical servers). Disconnection, reconnection and testing of over 320x workstations - all over one weekend. 


AON Melbourne office relocation - Relocation of data centre - servers and disconnected and reconnection. Disconnection and re-connection of over 300+ PCs over one weekend.

Australian Red Cross Blood Service

Several ongoing IT relocations involved with changing data centre locations (servers, chassis, SAN). 

Carter Holt Harvey

As part of their Box Hill office renovation, RelocateIT was called in to assist with the this work over the course of 4x weekends. This project involved furniture relocation, dismantling and re-assembly of workstations, disconnection and reconnection and testing of data and electrical outlets. Read more about what they had to say about our services here.


Supply of server deployment/build services on their behalf to customers. Providing of resources to install software as outlined in customer build documents.

News Limited & Herald Weekly Times Nationwide deployment of over 600x new PCs and monitors. Ongoing Server and PC relocations for News Limited sites. 
Serco Australia Relocation of several server equipment racks including chassis and rack mount servers. Electrical and data cabling work. Tidy of power cabling under desks to meet OHS requirements.

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