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About RelocateIT

Professional IT relocation specialists

Based in Melbourne and Hobart, RelocateIT was born in 2004 from identifying the need for a professional IT relocations service for companies that are moving their IT equipment who require IT Professionals to disconnect and reconnect in a timely and professional manner.

Our objective is to release our customers from the complexity of moving, enabling them to get on with their core business. Our unique business model means our customers get new levels of service including post-move technical support, and unique pricing options.

Our value proposition is simple: we provide a single gateway for the numerous services and products required for an internal or external office or data centre relocation. We provide these at an affordable price and include new services and options designed to minimise any interruption to your business.

Many companies are now realising that it doesn't make business sense to trust their IT equipment with a traditional removalist company which is why many of Australia's largest companies now use our services for their IT relocation and installation needs.

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Moving is rarely easy - but it can be easier